Pay ACF Fee

The ABU accepts credit cards for payment of the Annual Certificate Fee through our website, applying a convenience fee of $5.00 per transaction to offset bank charges incurred by the Board. When paying online, it is necessary to enter the four or five digit ABU ID number, found on the invoice or certificate. Payments for Diplomates in multi-physician practices or departments must be entered as separate, individual transactions to ensure appropriate credit to each Diplomate account.

After April 1, Diplomates in arrears on the payment of the mandatory Annual Certificate Fee will incur a $200 late fee, thus owing a total of $400.

After July 1, the total fee doubles to $800.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevented you from paying in a timely manner, please contact the Board office at 434-979-0059

Address corrections and updates are the responsibility of the Diplomate. Late fees will not be waived for incorrect or outdated mailing addresses.


The American Board of Urology (ABU) is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of Urology. The Board evaluates candidates who are duly licensed to practice medicine, and arranges and conducts examinations for the purpose of certification, subspecialty certification, recertification, and ongoing Life Long Learning. Certificates are conferred by the Board to candidates who successfully complete all requirements for a given certificate...

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