Clinically Inactive

Diplomates who are not in the active practice of clinical urology may apply for Clinically-Inactive status. Clinically-Inactive status is time-limited and subject to Continuing Urologic Certification (CUC).  In order to obtain this status, Diplomates must certify non-activity in clinical urology, or very minimal clinical exposure, and must submit acceptable justification and documentation for such status.  CUC for the Clinically-Inactive Diplomate requires completion of all CUC components except the practice log and the patient portion of the PAP.  Clinically-Inactive Diplomates must complete the Guideline portion of a PAP.  Fees and deadlines remain the same as for clinically-active Diplomates.  All components of CUC must be completed on the specified timeline and all fees must be current for the Diplomate’s certificate to remain active.

The Clinically-Inactive Diplomate who wishes to revert to active status should contact the Board in writing to apply. The Board will notify the Diplomate of the re-entry requirements.

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