Level 1

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Level 1 (Year 2-5) Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Practice Assessment Protocol (PAP) – Part A & B to be completed in the same calendar year
  • Peer Review
  • CME - 90 hours of Urology-focused CME credits (minimum of 30 Category 1 urology focused) earned 3 years prior to the date submitted (must provide documentation), must focus on your chosen subspecialty.
  • Patient Safety Videos (PSV) – 5 individual parts (approximately 15 – 20 minutes per video) – must provide documentation
  • Professionalism and Ethics Module (PEM) – choose 1

All requirements to be completed by April 1 of the diplomates last eligible year based on the L1 timeline table, except Part B of the PAP which is due by October 1 of the same calendar year of the completion of Part A.

A late fee of $275 will apply to requirements completed after April 1 of the diplomates last eligible year (except for Part B of the PAP due by October 1).

All above materials can be accessed via the ABU Diplomate Portal.

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