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The mission of the American Board of Urology is to act for the benefit of the public to insure high quality, safe, efficient, and ethical practice of Urology by establishing and maintaining standards of certification for urologists.

  FPMRS Subspecialty Examination
10/14/15 or 10/23/15
  PSC Subspecialty Examination
7/14/14 or 7/15/14
  Qualifying (Part 1) Examination
10/14/15 or 10/23/15
  Recertification Examination
10/14/15 or 10/23/15
  Maintenance of Certification Examination
2/20/15 - 2/21/15
  Certifying (Part 2) Examination

Executive Secretary: Gerald H. Jordan, M.D, FACS, FAAP (Hon), FRCS (Hon)
Administrator: Lori R. Davis
Certification Coordinator: Lindsay W. Franklin
Recertification Coordinator: James R. Surgener
MOC Coordinator: Amy H. Woodson
IT Coordinator: Charles S. Hall
MOC Associate/Meetings Coordinator: Wulan S. Surgener
Staff Associates: Donna M. Payne, Sherri L. Wheeler
IT Associate: Marilyn G. Duncan

600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 150, Charlottesville, VA 22911
Amy H. Woodson, MOC Coordinator Lori R. Davis, Administrator Donna Payne, Staff Associate Gerald H. Jordan, MD, Executive Secretary Charles S. Hall, Information Technology Coordinator Lindsay W. Franklin, Certification Coordinator Denise D. Files, Senior Staff Associate James R. Surgener, Recertification Coordinator