Diplomates of the American Board of Urology holding a general certificate are certified to be trained in all areas of urology, including those for which subspecialty certificates are available.  This all-inclusive policy is endorsed by the American Board of Medical Specialties in reference to all subspecialty certificates offered by ABMS member boards.

Applicants approved by the Board to enter the process of subspecialty certification must be engaged in the active practice of urology, and must hold a current unrestricted general certificate in urology issued by the American Board of Urology.

The ABMS requirements for a subspecialty certification include a distinct area of knowledge and ACGME-approved accredited fellowship.  Currently, there are two subspecialty areas in urology which have accredited fellowships.  One is Pediatric Urology, and the other is Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.

All subspecialty certificates will be time limited and subject to Lifelong Learning (LLL).  When a Diplomate becomes certified in a subspecialty, the Diplomate’s general urology certificate expiration will be extended to coincide with that of the subspecialty certificate.  The Diplomate will enter the LLL process after completing subspecialty certification.

To attain a subspecialty certification in Pediatric Urology or Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPM-RS), Diplomates must demonstrate proof of extensive, specialized training and, through submission of practice logs and CME credits, substantiate that a majority of their practice focuses on the respective subspecialty.


The American Board of Urology (ABU) is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of Urology. The Board evaluates candidates who are duly licensed to practice medicine, and arranges and conducts examinations for the purpose of certification, subspecialty certification, recertification, and ongoing Lifelong Learning. Certificates are conferred by the Board to candidates who successfully complete all requirements for a given certificate...

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