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Beginning in 2007, the Board joins the 23 other member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in implementing Maintenance of Certification (MOC). The MOC process will extend over a ten-year period, with some requirements in the process to be completed every two years. They include verifying unrestricted medical licensure, completion of Practice Assessment Protocols (PAPs); completion and documentation of CME credits, satisfactory peer review, and an adequate practice log submission, culminating with a computer-based examination at the end of Level 4.

It is hoped that MOC will ultimately have several tangible benefits for urologists including ease of relicensure by state medical boards and recredentialing by local hospitals and other health systems, and reduction in malpractice premiums. The ABMS is actively working with other agencies including the Federation of State Medical Boards to realize these benefits.

In addition, MOC should provide benchmarks for improving care and may serve to enhance patient satisfaction with physicians in the process. It is also possible that MOC may dovetail nicely with efforts directed toward pay for performance (P4P) in that the criteria developed for P4P by groups like the AUA may be the same criteria used for MOC. What is most clear now is that agencies like Medicare, Medicaid, etc. are increasingly interested not only in knowing what a physician knows, but also what he/she does in his/her practice.

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Amy H. Woodson, MOC Coordinator Lori R. Davis, Administrator Donna Payne, Staff Associate Gerald H. Jordan, MD, Executive Secretary Charles S. Hall, Information Technology Coordinator Lindsay W. Franklin, Certification Coordinator Denise D. Files, Senior Staff Associate James R. Surgener, Recertification Coordinator