Lifelong Learning Level 1 (year 2-5) Requirements (see table below):

Online Application

Practice Assessment Protocol (PAP) – Part A & B to be completed in the same calendar year  

Peer Review

CME - 90 hours of Urology-focused CME credits (minimum of 30 Category 1 urology focused) earned 3 years prior to the date submitted (must provide documentation)  

Patient Safety Videos (PSV) – 5 individual parts (approximately 15 – 20 minutes per video) – must provide documentation  

Professionalism and Ethics Module (PEM) – choose 1

2020 Lifelong Learning Handbook


All requirements to be completed by April 1 of the diplomates last eligible year based on the L1 timeline table, except Part B of the PAP which is due by October 1 of the same calendar year of the completion of Part A.   

A late fee of $275 will apply to requirements completed after April 1 of the diplomates last eligible year (except for Part B of the PAP due by October 1).  


All above materials can be accessed via the ABU Diplomate portal which can be found here:


Initial Certification/Recertification/Initial Subspecialty Certification Table

Certification Exam Year L1 Entry Timeframe L2 Entry (Year 7) Certificate Expiration
2015 2019-2020* 2022 2025
2016 2019-2021* 2023 2026
2017 2019-2022 2024 2027
2018 2020-2023 2025 2028
2019 2021-2024 2026 2029
2020 2022-2025 2027 2030
2021 2023-2026 2028 2031







*New policy, implemented in 2019, allows up to four years for completion of all L1 components. 


The American Board of Urology (ABU) is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of Urology. The Board evaluates candidates who are duly licensed to practice medicine, and arranges and conducts examinations for the purpose of certification, subspecialty certification, recertification, and ongoing Lifelong Learning. Certificates are conferred by the Board to candidates who successfully complete all requirements for a given certificate...

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