2019 Life Long Learning Level 2 Handbook

2019 Life Long Learning Level 2 PEDS CME Instructions

2019 Life Long Learning Level 2 PEDS Electronic Log Instructions

2019 Life Long Learning Level 2 PEDS Elecrtonic Log Template

2019 Life Long Learning Level 2 PEDS Application along with additional documents can be accessed via the ABU Diplomate Portal which can be found here: https://portal.abu.org


Clinically Inactive:

Diplomates who are not in the active practice of clinical urology may apply for Clinically-Inactive status.  Clinically-Inactive status is time-limited and subject to Life Long Learning (LLL).  In order to obtain this status, Diplomates must certify non-practicing clinical urology, or very minimal clinical exposure, and must submit acceptable justification and documentation for such status.  The designation of Clinically-Inactive status can be granted until certification expiration, or up to ten years.  Life Long Learning for the Clinically-Inactive Diplomate requires completion of all LLL components except the practice log, peer review and the patient portion of the PAP.  Clinically-Inactive Diplomates must complete the Guideline portion of a PAP.  Fees and deadlines remain the same as for clinically-active Diplomates.  All components of LLL must be completed on the specified timeline and all fees must be current for the Diplomate’s certificate to remain active. 

Extension of Clinically-Inactive status beyond ten years is a variance requiring approval of the Board.  Approaching expiration, the Diplomate may apply for recertification and up to 5 additional years of clinical inactivity.  If granted, this extension is renewable.  At the completion of the period of clinical inactivity, the Board will determine permissibility of the application and criteria for re-entry based upon the Diplomate’s situation and prior clinical activity.

The Clinically-Inactive Diplomate who wishes to revert to active status should contact the Board in writing to apply.  A six-month practice log must be submitted within 18 months following resumption of clinical urology practice.  Upon approval of this practice log, the Diplomate’s designation will return to active status.


The American Board of Urology (ABU) is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of Urology. The Board evaluates candidates who are duly licensed to practice medicine, and arranges and conducts examinations for the purpose of certification, subspecialty certification, recertification, and ongoing Life Long Learning. Certificates are conferred by the Board to candidates who successfully complete all requirements for a given certificate...

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