Applicants who finished urology residency prior to July 2014 and who have not attained certification within five years of residency completion will be required to pass a written Preliminary Examination before being permitted to re-enter the certification process.

The Preliminary Examination is currently given each November in conjunction with the annual AUA In-Service Examination.  After passing the Preliminary Examination, the applicant must take the Qualifying (Part 1) Examination one of the next two times it is offered.  Failure to do so will result in the applicant needing to successfully retake the Preliminary Examination before proceeding with certification.  Contact the Board office prior to the August 1 deadline for more Preliminary Examination information.

The last Preliminary Examination will be administered November 2018.  After this date, the only pathway back into the certification process will be by means of repeating and successfully completing the urology portion of an ACGME accredited urology residency program.

Applicants successfully passing the Preliminary Examination will then have 6 years to complete the certification process.  An applicant will have no more than three attempts to pass the Qualifying (Part 1) Examination and no more than three attempts to pass the Certifying (Part 2) Examination within this six year window.


The American Board of Urology (ABU) is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of Urology. The Board evaluates candidates who are duly licensed to practice medicine, and arranges and conducts examinations for the purpose of certification, subspecialty certification, recertification, and ongoing Lifelong Learning. Certificates are conferred by the Board to candidates who successfully complete all requirements for a given certificate...

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